Dirac Live for AURALiC Streamers


Dirac Live is a software that transforms your listening experience by improving sound quality. Its algorithms make precise measurements and enhance the sound from your speakers, optimizing it for your listening space. AURALiC’s current streaming products are Dirac Live ready, they can communicate with Dirac Live software, receive a set of calibration filters then apply the transformative process via AURALiC’s Tesla streaming platform.

To experience this function, you will need a MiniDSP UMIK-1 or UMIK-2 calibration microphone, a computer running Dirac Live software and a Dirac Live license for your streamer.

First, start your AURALiC streamer and make sure it is connected to your home network via either WiFi or Ethernet. Make sure your streamer is running on firmware version 10.0 and above. Your AURALiC streamer needs to be connected in order to communicate with Dirac Live software. If you are using Lightning Link, please make sure all devices are updated to the latest firmware and all of them are connected to the home network.

Use a computer to visit Dirac website and create an account (www.dirac.com/register); then visit AURALiC partner page and find your product  (www.dirac.com/live/auralic), click your product to purchase a copy of Dirac Live license. Now download Dirac Live software (www.dirac.com/live/downloads) and install it on your Windows or Mac computer. 

Connect the microphone to your computer, start Dirac Live software and log in your Dirac live account. If prompted, make sure to give Dirac Live access to your microphone in order to complete the measurement. Dirac Live will then look for your AURALiC streamer in your home network. Once you've selected your AURALiC device and microphone, Dirac Live will guide you through the setup process. 

Starting with volume calibration, set the master output down to approximately minus 80dB as a safe starting point, and set the Mic gain at 0dB. Press the play button on the left channel to initiate the testing tone, you should hear continuous pink noise coming from your left speaker. Gradually raise the master output until the microphone measures at least 25dB above the noise floor and record the level number. If you are using an external DAC or preamplifier, you may need to adjust the volume on them accordingly to achieve this target. Once achieved, switch to the right channel and verify if the microphone measures fall within plus or minus 2dB of the left channel. You may fine tune individual channel levels if needed. 

Select the arrangement you prefer and proceed to measurement. During the measurement Dirac Live will play sweep testing tone through speakers and (showing microphone in room) request you to place the microphone at different positions in your room. 

Upon successfully completing measurements for all positions, Dirac Live is prepared to craft a tailored filter based on the measurement results. You can review the filter design then export to your streamer. Once the filter is transferred, you may exit Dirac Live software.

To enable Dirac Live processing on your AURALiC streamer, start Lightning DS, go to Settings, choose your AURALiC streamer, select Additional Operations, go to Processor Setup, and enable Dirac Live. Make sure you select the correct calibration filter you would like to use. Lightning DS also allows you to quickly enable or disable Dirac Live processing via a shortcut button under the ‘Now Playing’ interface.

To achieve the best sound quality, some other processing features, such as equalizer and speaker placement, may be disabled temporarily while you are using Dirac Live.

For more information regarding this advanced feature, please visit community.auralic.com. If you have any difficulty with your AURALiC product, please contact your local dealer or email us at support@auralic.com.