Activate and Deactivate Your AURALiC Streamer

Activating your AURALiC product is a straightforward process that extends the basic factory warranty and makes hardware logging available for troubleshooting. The activation process is optional; forgoing it will not affect device function or performance.

Activate a New Device

To begin activation, touch the blue icon in the upper left corner of the Lightning DS app to open the menu. Then touch the account icon in the top left corner of the menu.

In the window that opens, select “My Device” in the middle of the screen and choose the unregistered device you want to activate. You will need to log in to your AURALIC account if you have not done this yet. If you do not have an AURALIC account, simply register one at the log-in interface.

At the bottom of the new window that appears, choose Activate Device, confirm your selection in the next window, and touch Next in the bottom right corner. Now the activation process is complete, you will receive an email confirmation shortly.

If the device you would like to register is not listed, check to make sure that the unit is powered on and that it is connected to the same network as your iPhone or iPad.

Deactivate a Device

The process for deactivating an AURALiC device is very similar to activating one. It isn’t necessary to have the unit connected for this process.

Using the Lightning DS app, make sure you have logged into the account previously used to activate the device. Go to ‘Account’ and choose "My Device" in the pop-up window, then select the device you wish to deactivate.

Press the “Deactivate Device” bar at the bottom of the screen, then confirm your selection by touching the name of the device you intend to deactivate. You will receive an email confirming its deactivation.

Activating a Product Registered to Someone Else

If you have purchased a used product and it's still registered to the previous owner, you have a couple of options. Your first step should be to contact the person you purchased the unit from and ask them to deactivate it remotely. This can be done by the previous owner using Lightning DS installed on any IOS device they may have.

Once they have started Lightning DS they can choose the option of “I Will Set Up Later”, or “Just Start-Up” if the app was previously configured. The previous owner now needs to log into their AURALiC account and deactivate the product. This process can also be done without the unit connected.

If the previous owner refuses to help or cannot deactivate the unit, you should arrange for a refund and return the unit immediately, as the device may not be authentic. If you purchased your AURALiC product second-hand from a dealer, you should contact them for help deactivating the unit. AURALiC will not directly deactivate a device upon request by a new owner for legal reasons.

If you have any difficulty with your AURALiC product, please contact your local dealer or email us at