AURALiC's Lightning Streaming Platform

The release of our ARIES wireless streaming transport in 2014 started a new era in high-performance audio that changed how we access, explore, and play digitally stored music. The ARIES created a new product category demonstrating it unique ability to stream high-resolution files wirelessly, with bit-perfect resolution, controlled by a simple and intuitive user interface. AURALiC’s in-house engineering team accomplished this by developing our Lightning streaming platform. Recognized as one of the world’s most advanced streaming ecosystems, it continues to set the industry standard nearly a decade later.

Unique Solutions

Since the release of the original ARIES, we have expanded our product line to offer unique solutions for different systems and customer needs. Our Lightning operating system has evolved to be the resolute core of every AURALiC streaming product. Lightning OS can handle music files at rates of up to 384 PCM and DSD512 across your hard-wired or wireless network. It features native integration with streaming services such as Qobuz, Tidal, Amazon Music, and KKBOX. Our system also incorporates two primary internet radio services, TuneIn and Vtuner. You can also play music stored locally on a Network Attached Drive, a portable USB drive, optional internal storage, or even connect a CDROM drive to playback or rip CDs. Lightning OS can be controlled by any OpenHome based control software. It also works as RoonReady Endpoint, supports TIDAL Connect, Spotify Connect, AirPlay and Bluetooth, opening various pathways with which to explore your musical interests.

Innovative Technologies

AURALiC have developed and integrated several innovative technologies to improve sound quality and fine-tune your system. We’ve incorporated a performance-based 1 GB memory cache system into our streaming platform that pushes the boundaries of audio quality. Our memory cache enables your AURALiC streamer to quickly download an entire music file into its memory, shut down network traffic to eliminate unwanted noise, then render your music in an electrically quiet and stable environment.

Powerful Processing

Lightning OS also includes powerful signal processing capabilities. Most AURALiC streamers have a built-in resampler, parametric equalizer, and loudspeaker placement correction feature. Our valuable processing features allow you to set the perfect bit rate for your DAC, compensate for peaks and troughs in your room acoustics, and make virtual adjustments to your speaker placement. Using these advanced tools is made simple with our Lightning DS control software, which allows you to easily make changes from the comfort of your listening position.

Seamless integration

Lightning DS is our quick and intuitive control software for iOS devices. Its seamless integration with Lightning OS makes music playback and hardware settings easy to control. AURALiC’s engineering team designed our streaming platform so that Lightning DS acts purely as control software, connecting your streaming music directly to Lightning OS for the highest possible signal integrity.

Curating Music

Lightning DS enables you to browse and curate music the way that suits you the best. Login to your favorite streaming service and scroll through the latest releases. When you find something interesting, Lightning DS lets you easily tag it as a favorite or add it to a playlist. Our team also developed an extensive search function enabling you to quickly locate music across both local and online libraries.

Intuitive Interface

AURALiC’s sophisticated Lightning streaming platform enables our products to communicate seamlessly across your home network. Lightning DS’s intuitive interface leverages this ability, easily playing music to other AURALiC streamers throughout your home. You can create a group of streamers and play the same music to all of them. You can alternatively choose separate locations and play different music in each zone.

Easy Update

Since 2014, we have consistently upgraded our Lightning streaming platform offering more than 100 free updates for the software. We are continually upgrading our streaming ecosystem, adding new options and additional functions to improve your listening experience. Our system of over-the-air updates notifies you whenever new firmware is available, and within minutes you can be enjoying the latest streaming technology. Even now, owners of the original ARIES purchased in 2014 get firmware updates keeping them current in our ever-changing world of streaming technology.