AURALiC Smart-IR Feature


Our Smart IR feature is an intuitive way to eliminate the clutter of an additional remote in your listening room. This easily programmable feature allows you to control the operation of your AURALiC product in a way that makes the most sense to you. Simply choose a remote control you already have and use the following instructions for assigning buttons to the specific operations you use most often.

Smart-IR Setup

To access Smart IR setup, use the front panel controls to enter your product’s Main Menu. Navigate to the System Menu and scroll to the section titled Smart-IR Settings. Upon entering the Smart-IR section, you will find a list of operations which can be assigned to buttons on your remote control.

Scroll through the list of available options to find one on the list that you would like to program. Once you have decided on an operation from the list, find the button you would like to map the operation to on your remote control.

Initiate the learning process by selecting the operation you wish to program from the list, then using the controls on the front of your unit choose Learn Button. Press the button you would like the unit to learn quickly 3 to 4 times or until you see the Mapping Successful notification on the screen. Once you see the Mapping Successful notification, press the button once more to return to the list of operations and proceed to choose the next operation you would like to program.

Please note, some remotes can send either short or long IR signals. Our system distinguishes between ‘short’ presses and ‘long’ presses from these remotes, allowing you to choose the type you prefer. To program a long press, tap the button twice quickly followed by two longer presses.

If you need to change the button on your remote that an operation is linked to, simply select the operation from the list and choose Learn Button, the previously stored code will automatically be replaced by the new one you program.

Additionally, near the end of the operation list, you can choose the option to program separate buttons for the on/off function rather than a single button to toggle between them. You will also find an option here to clear all the IR codes that your unit has stored in its memory.

AURALiC Support

We hope this video has been helpful. If you have any difficulty with your AURALiC product, please contact your local dealer or email us at