Headphone Amplifier

Even the best headphones are only as good as the signal you feed them. Your headphone amplifier needs the power to drive the full range of today’s high-energy models, combined with the maturity to deliver sonic depth and clarity. The TAURUS MKII applies some of our best analog technologies to the task for an experience of unparalleled range, precision and transparency that brings you closer to the music than ever.

A Great Partner For Your Headset

Modern Hi-Fi headphones are power-intensive marvels capable of presenting wide, crystal-clear soundscapes that can lay bare the shortcomings of an incoming signal — and no two models are exactly alike. That’s why we built tremendous power and flexibility into the TAURUS MKII: 4500mW of continuous, undistorted power and support for everything from 32ohm to 600ohm loads. With a mission to deliver your favorite music with unwavering clarity and honesty, and impeccable timing that locks you into the groove, the TAURUS MKII was made to work hand-in-hand with your equipment, giving your cans everything they need to sound their best.

Less Noise, More Music

The input buffer found in the TAURUS MKII was designed to meet the special needs of headphone amplification. It’s a buffer with an extremely low noise level, but it manages to retain a high impedance level for its RCA and XLR connections. The result is a dynamic range of over 130dB that can handle any source type — even demanding sources like valve buffered CDs — so no matter what, you’ll always hear the detail in the music you love.

Adjust Power On The Fly

With a unique 4-way output structure, the TAURUS MKII can be configured for Standard or Balanced modes with the press of a front-panel button. No need to power down or unplug. The TAURUS MKII delivers 4500mW of continuous and undistorted power into 32ohm in Standard Mode to satisfy the most demanding headphone drivers. For high impedance loads the TAURUS MKII brings 1000mW into 600ohm in Balanced Mode. Between them you’re sure to find the perfect match for your favorite headsets.

ORFEO Class-A Output Module

Classic Analog Warmth

Inspired by classic analog designs, our ORFEO Class-A Output Module is behind the warm and natural sound of the TAURUS MKII. ORFEO uses small signal components with excellent linear characteristics, thermally balanced and biased into Class-A to achieve open loop distortion of less than 0.001%.



Continuous Output Power: 4500mW at maximum
Frequency Response: 20 - 20KHz, +/- 0.1dB
Dynamic Range: >130dB, 20Hz-20KHz, A-weighted
THD+N: <0.002%, 20Hz-20KHz at rated output

Audio Inputs

Balanced: 1*XLR (Input sensitivity: 4Vrms, Maximum input: 12Vrms)
Unbalanced: 1*RCA (Input sensitivity: 4Vrms, Maximum input: 12Vrms)

Audio Outputs

Pre-Out: 1*XLR, 1*RCA
Headphone: 6.35mm Headphone Jack, 4PIN XLR Headphone Jack

Power Consumption

Sleep: <0.5W
Playback: 50W at max.

Dimensions - W x D x H

13 x 9 x 2.6 in. (33cm x 23cm x 6.5cm)


7.7 lbs (3.8kg)

Product Finishing

Anodized precision machined extrusion aluminum case in matte silver.


AURALiC TAURUS MKII Headphone Amplifier, Power cord, User's guide

Press Awards

"For US$4K, it might be possible (nay, easy) to compile a separates rig that outshines the Polaris. To point this out is to miss the point of AURALiC’s finest offering to date. It also ignores the time suck and cash drain of going mix n match. Like Devialet and Peachtree – and the increasing number of super-integrateds coming to market – their intent is simplicity without audible sacrifice."

John Darko - DigitalAudioReview

When it comes to integrated amps, that can mean sacrificing some aspects of sound quality for specific streaming features, or the ability to connect, say, a turntable. But listening to Auralic’s Polaris wireless streaming DAC-integrated, I didn’t feel I was missing anything. Its menu of streaming capabilities and connectivity options are about as complete as I’ve seen on a hi-fi component. And its sound quality was equally impressive, blending power, detail, and warmth in equal measure.

Al Griffin - SoundStage! Simplifi

"Innovative Technik, tolle Ausstattung, wunderbare Benutzerfreundlichkeit und schließlich tollen Klang bringt der Polaris gleichermaßen mit und soll damit als Vorzeigeprodukt von Auralic gelten. Hoch gesteckte Ziele also, doch der Ehrgeiz der chinesischen Entwickler wurde belohnt. Wer auf der Suche nach einer schlanken, flexiblen und gleichzeitig hochwertigen Allroundlösung ist, sollte sich vom Nordstern den Weg weisen lassen."

Philipp Schneckenburger - einsnull

"Der Auralic Polaris ist eine moderne All-in-One-Lösung: Er arbeitet als Streamer, DAC und Vollverstärker mit Phono-Vorstufe – und mit optionaler Festplatte auch als Musikserver. Dabei bietet der Polaris eine Komplettausstattung mit allen digitalen Schnittstellen und offeriert dazu zwei Analog-Eingänge mit Doppel-Funktion.Für so ein Komplettangebot und eine derartige Performance ist der Preis absolut gerechtfertigt. Denn der Auralic macht alles – und er macht alles richtig."

Volker Frech - lite magazine