Power Amplifier

Modern technologies open the door to a greater potential for innovation than ever before. This was our guiding principle when we set out to create a truly contemporary 400W monoblock power amplifier with all the soul of classic Hi-Fi. Uniquely combining Class-A components for beautiful sonics with cutting-edge engineering for eco-friendly efficiency and peak performance, the 400W MERAK emerges as a powerhouse of an amplifier, with modern sensibilities.

The Best of Both Worlds

To achieve a beautiful, classic sound with decidedly modern-day performance we re-evaluated every system and circuit. With a custom-wound transformer the MERAK delivers 400 watts and up to 900 watts of temporary output thanks to an original and unique capacitor array. We also created a proprietary set of modifications for the MERAK’s Hypex UcD that bypasses the input stage to preserve the carefully crafted signal produced by our Class-A ORFEO circuit. The result is a mighty monoblock ready to drive any system to new heights.

Hybrid Amplication

Common wisdom says low noise linear designs sound great, and switching designs are efficient. Now there’s Hybrid Analog Amplification Technology to give you the best of both worlds. Class-A linear components handle signal input and voltage amplification for EMI noise reduction that’s 1000 times better than traditional designs, while low impedance, high-speed, energy-saving switching components maximize output power. Hybrid Analog Amplification Technology give the MERAK great linear sound with modern efficiency.

Smart Power

Our Advanced Power Management circuit gives the MERAK the brains to manage its own needs — 5 watts is all it takes to keep the MERAK in an “always-ready” state for peak performance at any time. With intelligent wake-up and auto-sleep functions that can respond in 0.5 seconds to a musical signal of only 5mV, the MERAK is always ready to go, so you’ll never miss a beat of the music.


We developed our Purer-Power Linear Power Solution so the MERAK’s circuits would get super-clean, consistent electrical power that maximizes performance. The system isolates interference from within and beyond the audio band (common-mode and differential-mode interference) while removing DC current entirely. Together with a custom 500A low-noise, narrow-band transformer, Purer Power can store up to 120 Joules of energy, keeping noise and source impedance low while preserving excellent transient properties.