Wireless Streaming DAC

Assembling all the components for a feature-rich, wireless digital streaming Hi-Fi audio system that sounds great can be a formidable and expensive undertaking. That’s why we built an outstanding DAC and gave it the ability to stream ultra-high-resolution digital music. The ALTAIR Wireless Streaming DAC connects to just about everything, all on its own. It’s a lot of technology in a single box that opens your system to the world.

Modern Connectivity, Classic Sound

The ALTAIR is a High-End digital-to-analog converter that takes its cues from our celebrated VEGA flagship DAC, providing the sonic depth your high-resolution music deserves. With fifteen digital inputs, the ability to stream DSD256 and PCM 32bit/384k over Wi-Fi, the ALTAIR can easily become the central hub of your home audio system.

The Art of High-End Streaming

We developed Lightning OS to be the highest-quality streaming environment you’ve ever heard. A meticulously-crafted software architecture designed specifically to work hand-in-hand with the powerful Tesla hardware platform found in AURALiC streaming products, Lightning OS is full of cutting-edge innovations that bring your music to life like never before. Connect to all your of high-resolution sources, take control with user apps like Lightning DS or Roon, and meet true audiophile streaming.

15 Input Channels. Limitless Possibilities.

A bounty of physical connections is just the start for the ALTAIR. It features ports for just about every hardware connection type, but native integration of Lightning OS means the possibilities don’t stop there. Streaming from local network locations is a snap, and online streaming like TIDAL, Qobuz and Internet Radio are all at your fingertips. The ALTAIR is a RoonReady endpoint too, or use Bluetooth, AirPlay, and SongCast for access to all your mobile device and computer services.

Tesla G1

Scalable Power, Custom-Built for Streaming Audio

Our Tesla G1 hardware platform is the processing engine that gives the ALTAIR the power and flexibility it needs to meet the demands of modern high-resolution streaming. Designed around a high-performance Quad-Core Cortex-A9 processor running at 1GHz, Tesla G1 sports 1GB DDR3 RAM and 4GB of storage. Automatic updates keep the Tesla G1 platform outfitted with the latest features and support, so your device is always ready for peak performance and up-to-the-minute functionality.

Femto Clock

Based on 120 femtosecond cycles, this extremely precise clock keeps a tight reign on timing for less jitter, and better sound. It’s capable of adjusting frequencies for varying sampling rates too, and with a dedicated low-noise 9uV power supply it’s just as quiet as it is accurate. A specially adapted aerospace-grade crystal is the beating heart that gives our 120 Femto Master Clock its impeccable rhythm.

Flexible Filter

Flexible Filter Mode gives you a nuanced level of control over your audio output. Its four filter modes were developed using a combination of objective data models and subjective testing, with each mode offering a unique array of filters to match the sonic quality of the source. Whether it’s modes to tweak in-band ripple, out-band attenuation, ultrasonic filtering and more, you’ve always got the power to dial in the performance you want.


The Purer-Power linear power supply reduces DC current noise by as much as 90dB with its power purification module. Using a specially designed transformer and unique wiring that minimizes vibration, noise from Purer-Power is kept below 1uV across the audible spectrum, leaving you to discover the details in your music, down to the last bit.



Frequency Response: 20 - 20KHz, +/- 0.1dB*
THD+N: <0.0003%, 20Hz-20KHz at 0dBFS
Dynamic Range: 124dB, 20Hz-20KHz, A-weighted

Streaming File Format

Lossy: AAC, MP3, MQA and WMA

Sampling Rate

PCM: 44.1KHz to 384KHz in 32Bit***
DSD: DSD64(2.8224MHz), DSD128(5.6448MHz), DSD256(11.2896MHz)****

Control Software

AURALiC Lightning DS for iOS
AURALiC Lightning DS for web browser (device setting only)
OpenHome compatible control software (BubbleUPnP, Kazoo)
Roon (Roon Core required separately)

Audio Inputs

Streaming Inputs: Network shared folder, USB Drive, Internal Music Storage**, uPnP/DLNA Media Server, native TIDAL and Qobuz Sublime+ streaming, Internet Radio, Spotify Connect, AirPlay, Bluetooth, Songcast, RoonReady
Digital Inputs: 1*AES/EBU, 1*Coaxial, 1*Toslink, 1*USB device to computer

Audio Outputs

Balanced: XLR (4Vrms at 0dBFS, output impedance 10ohm)
Unbalanced: RCA (2Vrms at 0dBFS, output impedance 50ohm)
Headphone: 6.35mm Headphone Jack (output impedance 5ohm)


Wired: Gigabit Ethernet
Wireless: 802.11b/g/n/ac Tri-Band WiFi

Power Consumption

Sleep: <10W
Playback: 35W at max.

Dimensions - W x D x H

13 x 9 x 2.6 in. (33cm x 23cm x 6.5cm)


7.0 lbs (3.2kg)

Product Finishing

Anodized precision machined extrusion aluminum case in matte black or matte silver.


AURALiC ALTAIR Wireless Streaming DAC, AURALiC RC-1 remote control, External WiFi antenna (2pcs), Power cord, USB cable, User's guide

* Tested under Filter Mode Precise for all sampling rate
** With optional 2.5-inch HDD or SSD installed
*** 352.8KHz and 384KHz and 32bit are supported through streaming and USB input only
**** By 'DoP V1.1' or native DSD protocol through streaming and USB input only

Press Awards

"Simplicity, sound quality, and innovation. These are reasons why one buys into the flexible AURALiC ecosystem. The ALTAIR wireless streaming DAC simplifies a music aficionados life by integrating the ARIES streamer functionality and the VEGA DAC type performance into a single package, and integrating multiple sources of musical content through Lightning DS. In many cases people believe two is better than one, except when it comes to simplification."

Chris Connack - Computeraudiophile

"Whether you look at it from the standpoint of convenience, flexibility, performance, or sheer value, the ALTAIR is that rare multi-purpose component that can play many different roles, all of them successfully."

Chris Martens - HiFi+

"The ALTAIR really represents the modern hi-fi product in its true form; implementing the latest scientific and technological digital signal processing and advanced features and ultimately a wonderful sonic performance. All these are definitely more than sufficient to justify its price tag. Highly recommended!"

Yongki Go - Secrets Home Theater

"Die Kombination aus Streamer, DAC und Vorstufe lässt den Altair in die Mitte rutschen. Mehr Sound als beim Mini zu einem geringeren Preis als die High-End-Kombination aus Aries und Vega. Man darf also gespannt sein, was Auralic als Nächstes einfällt, schließlich gibt es sicher noch andere Dinge, die die Streamer aus China lernen können."

Philipp Schneckenburger - einsnull

"Mit dem Altair hat Auralic sein All-In-One Streamingkonzept perfektioniert. Der Altair ersetzt fast die komplette HiFi-Anlage, schließlich ist er Quelle, DAC und Vorverstärker zugleich. Die LightningDS-Steuerungsapp macht die Bedienung der zahllosen Funktionen dabei so einfach, wie man es sich nur wünschen kann und ganz nebenbei bemerkt klingt der erstklassig verarbeitete HiFi-Tausendsassa auch noch hervorragend."

Jonas Bednarz - lite magazine

"Stimmen und Soloinstrumente arbeitet er äußerst fein und mit allen Nuancen aus der Musik heraus und befriedigt damit Schwelger und Genießer wohl ebenso wie tendenziell analytische Hörer, die gern tief ins Geschehen hineinlauschen und jede Feinheit mitbekommen möchten. Mit der richtigen Endstufe oder einer guten Aktivbox kombiniert ist Auralics jüngster Coup damit ein wahrlich verführerisches Maschinchen mit zahllosen Talenten."

Carsten Barnbeck - HIFI Digital

"Linn und Naim haben seinerzeit vorgemacht, wie man ordentliche Netzwerkplayer baut. Auralic legt die Messlatte regelmäßig etwas höher. Was man hier zum Preis von 2000 Euro kriegt, lässt nicht nur die Konkurrenz erblaßen, sondern mischt auch im eigenen Produkt-Sortiment die Karten neu. Wer nach Streaming ohne Kompromisse sucht, erhält hier die Antwort."