Vision Statement

AURALiC, High-Performance Innovation That Brings All Your Music to Life. 

Mission Statement

We design and build products that enhance the recorded musical experience all over the world. Digital sources that combine features and technology to provide our customers with accessible, high levels of sonic performance. 

About Us

AURALiC brings together, in a trusted, mature ecosystem, advanced technologies in innovative ways for the purpose of listening to music at high levels of performance through the use of accessible, feature-packed award-winning products meant to be the cornerstone of any high-performance audio system.

Sonic Performance

Our products are all designed and developed with unrelenting attention to detail, exacting tolerances, and extreme precision. Independent of where a product is built, our passion for music, peerless expertise in electronics design, and a complete understanding of electrical engineering all govern our build process; which allows us to build and design world-class products in China.  By caring as much as we do about sonic performance, we ensure you’ll enjoy a truly fulfilling musical experience.

Extensive Functionality

Providing you with functionality found nowhere else in the world of high-performance audio is one of our primary goals. We simply want to provide you with a world of unmatched choices when considering how you’ll be accessing and enjoying your music. 

A Complete Ecosystem

We've developed our own integrated platform in the form of Lightning OS, and over the years, we’ve continued to add exclusive features built to integrate your music-listening experience. Our cutting-edge hardware design, app-based control, nonstop updates, multifaceted support, and our comprehensive approach will make it possible for you to bring all your music to life.